Joe H.

How has Yanke Bionics improved your life?  Yanke Bionics has resurrected my career. After I fell on 10/26/17 I had to have 13 surgeries which eventually led to a BKA on 5/18/18. I thought my career as a police officer was over. After being referred to Yane Bionics, I started to believe I could return to duty. I received an Ossur energy storing foot on Feb. 2019. I was able to return to full duty as a police office on 6/1/19. 

What has pleased you most in your course of treatment at our practice?…


Larry G.

The staff at Yanke Bionics were very professional. Roger has no so much experience, I have never had anyone that could tell me what was wrong and could make me feel so much better. I would recommend Yanke Bionics to anyone who needs help improving your quality of life. 

Yanke Bionics improved my life 100%. I had back surgery in 2012. From the surgery, I couldn't pick up my left foot. So I had to limp for 6 years. My doctor from Crystal clinic, recommended I see Roger at Yanke Bionics.  Roger…


Rupert S.

The new brace works very well and feels comfortable. The new brace is easy to put on and take off. Also, driving more easy with the foot pad on the brace. 

We were welcomed and treated very well. Roger was very helpful and knew what I needed. 


Karen K

If you need this type of service, there is NO BETTER place to be!  Excellence, compassion, integrity, and quality all rolled into one!  I can't imagine where I would be without them.



Greg R.

Age: 22 

“As a lifelong amputee, I have worked with good and bad prosthetists.  Gabe Gullia, by way of his own experience as an amputee, truly understands that a good socket is the linchpin to a productive amputee lifestyle.  In this, Gabe is a true craftsman.  Thank you to Gabe and to Yanke Bionics for the good work you do.”





John D.

Name: John
Age: 44

How would you describe the quality of service at Yanke Bionics?

"The quality has been excellent, and always fast and caring."

How has your experience at Yanke Bionics changed your life?

"My experience has changed my life for the better because the people at Yanke Bionics are always looking out for my best interests and concerned with what’s happening in my life. They have improved my ability to do just about anything. They made me realize that there are no limitations with my disability."

Would you…


Mike R.

In February of 2005 I had an industrial accident that resulted in the traumatic amputation of my left hand and wrist. Within 2 weeks of my accident, Yanke Bionics had already set up a meeting for me to become familiar with my options concerning a prosthetic hand. From the beginning of the process, I had the good fortune of working with Nathan Wagner from Yanke. Nate was very helpful in assisting me in making my decision as to the type of prosthetic hand I would need and want. I decided…


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