Larry G.

The staff at Yanke Bionics were very professional. Roger has so much experience, I have never had anyone that could tell me what was wrong and could make me feel so much better. I would recommend Yanke Bionics to anyone who needs help improving their quality of life. 

Yanke Bionics improved my life 100%. I had back surgery in 2012. From the surgery, I couldn't pick up my left foot. So I had to limp for 6 years. My doctor from Crystal clinic, recommended I see Roger at Yanke Bionics.  Roger looked at the way I was limping and recommended two new braces. The left brace helps me pick up my left foot and both braces help me in my balance. I now have no pain in my hips and I can stand straight up. These new braces are wonderful. Thank you, Roger and Yanke Bionics. 


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