About Our Practice

Yanke Bionics has thirteen patient care facilities throughout Ohio to provide our patients convenient, handicapped accessible, access wherever they may reside.

Our 18000 sq, ft, fabrication and clinical facility is centrally located in Akron. Our fabrication facility features CAD/CAM manufacturing processes, and state of the art equipment used by Certified Technicians, to bring the highest quality Orthotic and prosthetic devices to our area. Our facility also has a conference/media room for ongoing technical education to our staff and the medical community. Yanke Bionics recently upgraded our computer software and hardware to allow us to accurately provide data to effectively manage billing, accounts receivable, and patient scheduling. This upgrade allows Yanke Bionics to have access to immediate billing and management reports that may be asked of us.

Expand Your Possibilities:  No matter what age, no matter what background, no matter what your physical status is, we all travel a different path through life.  It is because each of us is unique.  Every life is different and each of us must face a different set of challenges.  Each of us has our own choice to make but the key to life is to live it to the fullest potential.

At Yanke Bionics, our mission is to help you attain your personal goal.  Using the most advanced technologies available, we create customized bionic devices that enable patients to enjoy their favorite activities-whether it is walking, running, dancing, playing golf, or climbing mountains-even after the patient has lost a limb.

Whether a prosthetic or orthotic device is needed, Yanke Bionics can offer you a spectrum of complete services.  Our key priority is understanding your needs, concerns and aspirations.  The mission of Yanke Bionics is to provide you the with the highest quality of life possible.

Our philosophy at Yanke Bionics is that life should be lived to its fullest extent.  It's about a spirit, a winning life, and accepting no limitations.

Our Mission Statement

Yanke Bionics exists to provide a full range of personalized prosthetic, orthotic and pedorthic care and devices to patients referred to us by the medical community. In accordance with the standards outlined by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc., the Certified Orthotist/Prosthetist shall actively demonstrate professional maturity and competence and will provide the highest quality, cost-effective, comprehensive care to patients using the most recent advancements in medical technology. Services are evaluated against Yanke Bionics and professional association objectives/standards and shall be provided in accordance with the overall goals of rehabilitation treatment

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