Mike R.

In February of 2005, I had an industrial accident that resulted in the traumatic amputation of my left hand and wrist. Within 2 weeks of my accident, Yanke Bionics had already set up a meeting for me to become familiar with my options concerning a prosthetic hand. From the beginning of the process, I had the good fortune of working with Nathan Wagner from Yanke. Nate was very helpful in assisting me in making my decision as to the type of prosthetic hand I would need and want. I decided to choose a myoelectric type as this seemed it would be the most functional for me personally. Nate soon set up an appointment for me to have a model cast for my prosthesis and began the process of restoring some of the functionality to my life that I had lost as a result of my accident. Nate was very patient in answering all of my questions and was extremely friendly and professional. He was also very proactive in working with my occupational therapist to come up with a regiment that would aid in my transition to using my prosthesis.

In a very short time, I had my new socket and my electric hand. With Nate's help, I had chosen an Otto Bock Greifer terminal device as one of my options. This has proven to be an extremely useful and functional device and has given me the ability to perform tasks that I would have thought impossible after my accident. Working with Yanke Bionics has been a very satisfying experience for me, and I know that it has had a direct impact on the quality of my life.


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