Joe H.

How has Yanke Bionics improved your life?  Yanke Bionics has resurrected my career. After I fell on 10/26/17 I had to have 13 surgeries which eventually led to a BKA on 5/18/18. I thought my career as a police officer was over. After being referred to Yanke Bionics, I started to believe I could return to duty. I received an Ossur energy storing foot on Feb. 2019. I was able to return to full duty as a police officer on 6/1/19. 

What has pleased you most in your course of treatment at our practice?  I met "Jess" in the hospital who explained the process to me. Julie is always courteous when I call for appointments. Finally, Greg has given me confidence in my recovery treatment. I can't thank them all enough. 

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