Insurance Information

We understand you may have many questions regarding what will transpire in the days ahead, especially regarding your health insurance. Health insurance related to your orthotic and prosthetic care can be complicated and confusing. Medicare and private insurances provide a variety of coverage for orthotic and prosthetic devices. Our Administrative Department at Yanke Bionics will assist you with coverage and benefit information that fits your unique situation.

Yanke Bionics also services nursing homes and hospitals!

The information listed below is provided as a courtesy to assist you in better understanding some of the frequently asked questions related to your insurance coverage.

Q: Does Yanke Bionics accept my health insurance?
A: Yanke Bionics currently participates in several managed health care provider networks and is continually updating provider memberships. Yanke Bionics also encourages you to check with your insurance company to verify that Yanke Bionics is included in your network benefits.

Q: Will the orthotic and/or prosthetic item prescribed from my physician be covered under my insurance?
A: Orthotic and prosthetic coverage varies with each insurance company, but the majority of health plans do include O & P as part of your coverage. Yanke Bionics will assist you in determining what your benefits and eligibility will be for your service. We will also review your financial responsibility if applicable.

Q: If my insurance company requires a prior authorization for my service, will Yanke Bionics handle the authorization request or will I be responsible for obtaining this information?
A: Yanke Bionics will be happy to assist you in obtaining authorization from your insurance company if it is required. However, we do encourage our patients to participate in working with their insurance company when additional information may be required for payment of their claim.

Q: If I am responsible for any financial portion, what payment options do I have?
A: Yanke Bionics accepts cash, check, credit card or third party financing (CareCredit).

Q: Is there anything that I need to do to ensure my insurance company covers my orthotic and/or prosthetic service?
A: Yanke Bionics will diligently work with your insurance company to obtain all the required documentation to ensure your claim is approved and paid. However, we do encourage our patients to stay in contact with their insurance company regarding their service.

Q: Does my prescribing physician play a role in getting my orthotic and/or prosthetic service approved?
A: Absolutely! Your prescribing physician plays an integral role in determining if your insurance company is going to approve your service. Medicare and many of the private insurances now require the physician to include in their of ce notes the medical necessity for your device. Discussing your orthotic and/or prosthetic needs with your physician is essential in ensuring your device is covered by your insurance.

Q: Do I need a prescription for my orthotic and/or prosthetic device?
A: Yes. All items billed to your insurance company require a prescription. The prescription must be signed and dated by your treating physician.

Q: What is the “Date of Service”?
A: The Date of Service is the date you receive your orthotic and/or prosthetic device. The Date of Service is used when billing your insurance company for your device.

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