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Yanke Bionics offers a full spectrum of orthotic and prosthetic services. Whether its an off the shelf product or something custom made, our clinicians work with you and your allied healthcare providers to create the best solutions for your specific needs. Below you will find a list of our specialties if you don't see the specific service you are looking for please give us a call to see if we are able to help you!



Lower Extremity Prosthetics 

  • Above Knee Prosthesis
  • Below Knee Prosthesis
  • Hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy prosthesis
  • Partial foot prosthesis
  • Symes prosthesis

Upper Extremity Prosthetics 

  • Above elbow prosthesis
  • Below elbow prosthesis
  • Finger prosthesis
  • Partial hand prosthesis
  • Shoulder disarticulation prosthesis




Upper Extremity Orthotics 

  • Elbow orthosis (EO)
  • Elbow-wrist-hand orthosis (EWHO)
  • Fracture orthosis
  • Hand orthosis (HO)
  •  Shoulder-elbow-wrist-hand orthosis (SEWHO)
  • Shoulder orthosis
  • Wrist-hand orthosis (WHO) 
  • Wrist orthosis (WO)

Lower Extremity Orthotics 

  • Ankle-foot orthosis (AFO)
  • Diabetic footwear
  • Fracture / ulcer care boots
  • Foot orthosis (FO)
  • Hip Orthosis (HO)
  • Hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis (HKAFO)
  • Knee orthosis (KO) / basic and sports bracing 
  • Knee-ankle-foot Orthosis (KAFO)

Cervical / Spinal Orthosis 

  • Cervical orthosis (CO) 
  • Cervicothoracic orthosis (CTO)
  • Cervicothoracolumbosacral orthosis (CTLSO)
  • Lumbosacral orthosis (LSO)  
  • Thoracolumbosacral orthosis (TLSO)

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