Ossur Running and Mobility Clinic

Yanke Bionics recently took part in the Ossur Running and Mobility Clinic, presented by the Challenged Athletes Foundation. The clinic focused on being inspired, motivated and learning practical ways to move better, easier and quicker with your prosthetic, in a supportive and encouraging environment.
• Improve your speed and balance
• Practice leg-over-leg running techniques
• Learn how to move in multiple directions so you can do a variety of recreational activities
• Discover training routines and sport-specific exercises

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Pictured Above* Left to right:  Samantha Wadge (YBI Prosthetic Resident & Certified Orthotist), Renee Horn (YBI O & P Student doing a Clinical Rotation), Amanda Ramey (YBI patient), Gabe Gullia (YBI Certified Prosthetist), Terri Angelo (Summa Rehab Outpatient - Athletic Trainer), Abby Calderone (YBI patient), Michelle Calderone (Abby's mom)

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